audiologist consulting about hearing aids with couple
audiologist consulting about hearing aids with couple

What Does an Audiologist Do?

National Audiology Awareness Month is a time dedicated to highlighting the crucial role of audiologists in promoting and maintaining optimal hearing health.

An audiologist is a specialized health care professional with extensive knowledge and expertise in identifying, assessing and managing disorders related to the auditory and vestibular systems. Read on to learn more about how an audiologist can help you with your hearing well-being and when you should seek their help.

What Do Audiologists Do?

Audiologists are experts in understanding how our ears work and the latest technology related to hearing. They help identify hearing issues and make personalized plans to treat them. They also provide essential support to people trying to improve their hearing.

Additionally, audiologists work hard to improve the lives of those with hearing problems and teach people how to take care of their hearing. They also:

  • Assist individuals across all age groups, from infants to older adults.
  • Choose, adjust and distribute hearing aids and similar listening equipment.
  • Contribute to helping you avoid hearing impairment. They provide and adjust protective hearing gear and educate patients on the impact of noise on hearing.
  • Contribute to relevant research on preventing, detecting and treating hearing loss, tinnitus and balance system issues.

Reasons to See a Hearing Care Professional

Noticing any changes in your hearing can be unsettling. Some common signs and symptoms, like struggling to follow conversations, experiencing tinnitus or feeling discomfort in the ears, could indicate underlying hearing problems. These signs should not be ignored, as they might indicate potential hearing issues impacting your daily life.

Recognizing the importance of seeking professional help when encountering these symptoms is crucial. Consulting a hearing care professional can provide a comprehensive understanding of your hearing health. It can also facilitate the appropriate solutions to address potential concerns.

Specific scenarios where individuals might need to see an expert include:

Persistent ear infections or discomfort

If you or your child frequently experience ear infections or discomfort that causes hearing loss, a hearing care professional can help. They will identify any underlying issues and provide appropriate treatment.

Difficulties with speech or language development

If a child faces speech or language development challenges, a hearing care provider can assess whether hearing loss contributes to these difficulties and suggest appropriate interventions.

Occupational hazards

Individuals exposed to high levels of occupational noise, such as construction workers or musicians, should consult a hearing care professional regularly. This will help monitor their hearing health and receive guidance on hearing protection.

Tinnitus or dizziness

Persistent ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or recurring episodes of dizziness may indicate underlying auditory or vestibular issues. These may require evaluation and management by a hearing care provider.

Earwax buildup

Excessive earwax can lead to discomfort and temporary hearing loss. A hearing care professional can safely remove earwax and provide guidance on proper ear hygiene.

Sudden changes in hearing

Any sudden changes, whether age-related hearing loss or not, should be promptly assessed. It gives a chance to identify the underlying cause and determine appropriate treatment.

Family history of hearing loss

Individuals with a family history of hearing impairment should regularly consult a hearing care provider for comprehensive hearing assessments to monitor their hearing health and take preventive measures if necessary.

Test Your Ears With a Hearing Test

At Beltone, our experienced hearing care professionals collaborate closely with each patient to understand and address their hearing needs. Whether it’s identifying specific symptoms or exploring improved alternatives to their current hearing aids, they are dedicated to providing comprehensive care. Take the first step toward better hearing by scheduling an appointment with your local Beltone office.

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