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How to Recognize the Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

Like many of the physical changes that come with advancing age, hearing loss is gradual and often hard to pinpoint. Friends and family members might even suspect that you are suffering from hearing loss before you see any sign of the problem yourself. 

Posted 12-03-2014 by Amy Duvall

That reluctance to acknowledge the issue and seek help has many possible root causes: denial, fear, lack of understanding about solutions, or simply a steadfast belief that your hearing is as good as ever. Look for these four major warning signs of hearing loss, make an honest assessment and then pursue the next step in restoring your hearing.

1. It’s Hard to Keep Up In a Conversation

Does it seem like everyone you talk to mumbles? Do you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves frequently? Are phone conversations increasingly difficult? If these occurrences are becoming commonplace, go to and take our simple online hearing test.

2. You Experience Ringing in Your Ears

Persistent ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, has a variety of causes, including the progression of hearing loss. In some cases, especially when tinnitus pulses like a heartbeat, vascular issues could be the cause, and temporary ringing in the ears can come from earwax buildup, medications or exposure to loud noises. But if you hear ringing that doesn’t pulse and it continues for several days, it could be a symptom of hearing loss.

3. You Keep Turning Up the TV – Or Yourself

One of the reasons family members are often the first to notice a loved one’s hearing loss is that they want to grab the remote and turn down the volume every time they pass through the living room. If you are always the one complaining that you can’t hear the TV, or friends and family comment that you speak too loudly in conversation, it is probably time to have your hearing evaluated.

4. You Start to Dread Crowded Rooms

Do you find yourself making excuses to miss a party or skip out early because you find it more and more difficult to participate in conversations? The same could be true at ballgames, conferences, malls or any place featuring a variety of sounds and people. If you struggle to hear over competing noise, or if you find it hard to distinguish a speaker’s words when his or her back is turned, you should take the first step toward determining your hearing health.

Move Past Denial to Action – Help is Available

At Beltone, we are committed to helping people live vibrant lives despite hearing loss, and our experienced hearing care specialists will work with you to assess your hearing issues and craft the optimal solution for you.

wide range of hearing-aid styles and accessories, along with our commitment to service, make us the clear choice for anyone who wants to hear the world around them more clearly. Call us today to schedule a FREE hearing screening at 1-800-BELTONE.