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Can a Hearing Aid Help With Tinnitus?

Do you hear a ringing in your ears? You may be experiencing tinnitus, a condition affecting more than 50 million Americans. But can hearing aids help to relieve your symptoms? Read ahead to learn more!

Posted 12-22-2016 by jpatrick

People with tinnitus often describe a ringing, hissing, clicking, buzzing or even roaring sound in their ears. These individuals may feel distress or have trouble concentrating due to the tinnitus, which can sometimes lead to anxiety or depression.

Physicians and audiologists don’t always know the exact cause of tinnitus, though the condition is frequently related to:

The good news is there are several effective options for treatment of tinnitus— hearing aids included.

How a hearing aid can help to alleviate your tinnitus

Many tinnitus patients, especially those with hearing loss, experience complete or partial relief from tinnitus by using hearing aids.

For those with age-related hearing loss, tinnitus is often related to the loss of ambient sounds. By restoring those ambient sounds to an individual (if the hearing loss is in the same frequency range as the tinnitus), hearing aids effectively eliminate the tinnitus.

You're more likely to benefit from wearing hearing aids in both ears than just one. Open-fit hearing aids, which improve hearing without blocking out softer external sounds, have been found to be quite beneficial. There are also combination devices which perform the normal sound-processing functions of hearing aids, while also providing low level external sounds to help relieve tinnitus. Click here to explore Beltone's range of hearing aid styles.

How sound stimulation helps you

In addition to providing relief in the ways described above, Beltone hearing aids are compatible with the Tinnitus Calmer app. This innovative app can help you manage your tinnitus by distracting your brain with focused sound therapy and interactive experiences. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, the app allows you to customize and layer sounds based on your relaxation preferences.

If you are living with tinnitus and seeking relief, your first step should be to contact a hearing care professional for a comprehensive hearing consultation. Beltone is here to help you. Click here to book your free appointment at one of our 1,500 locations nationwide, or call us today at 1-800-BELTONE to speak with one of our representatives.