cell phone app close up at farmers market
cell phone app close up at farmers market

Beltone Apps

Stay in control of your hearing aids and much more with Beltone’s easy-to-use smartphone apps.

Device Compatibility

Search the compatibility of your Beltone hearing aids and mobile device with Beltone's HearMax™ app.
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cell phone coffee cup hand

Enhance Your Hearing Experience HearMax App

Made to put you in control, the Beltone HearMax™ app gives you the ability to adjust volume, settings and environmental programs from your smart devices. Now you can quickly and easily make adjustments, no matter where you are. From reducing noise in loud or windy environments to focusing on the conversation in front of you, the power to enhance your hearing experience is in the palm of your hand.

Find My Hearing Aid

Can't remember where you left your Beltone hearing aids? "Find My Hearing Aid" technology via the app assists you in locating misplaced or lost hearing aids.

Get Remote Care—Anytime, Anywhere

If you need support from your hearing care professional between your scheduled appointments, the Remote Care Live feature is a good option. Simply send a request through the app to set up a remote appointment with your hearing care professional.

Personalize Your Hearing Experience

Adjust your hearing aids based on your environment. If you are somewhere loud or windy, just tap the Sound Enhancer button on the main screen and reduce background or wind noise. If you want to focus on a person talking in front of you, use the Speech Focus setting to isolate and enhance the conversation.
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Available on Apple + Android

Remote Care Live is available as part of the HearMax mobile app.

You can download the HearMax app for free on compatible Apple iOS and Android devices.

Click the links below to find the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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senior woman outside cell app

Manage Your Tinnitus Tinnitus Calmer App

Made to help you when you need it most, the Beltone Tinnitus Calmer™ app uses sound therapy, relaxation exercises and a whole library of sounds to help provide relief from tinnitus. No matter where you are, you can use the app on your mobile device to stream sounds directly into your hearing aids, speakers or headset.

Manage Your Tinnitus

Learn how to manage your tinnitus with Coping Skills in the app: a comprehensive selection of tips and exercises (including deep breathing and guided meditation) that helps you cope with your symptoms and live life to the fullest.

Customize Your Experience

Choose from a selection of sounds within the app’s library or upload your own sounds. Play them alone or create your own soundscapes by layering up to five sounds. Balance the sounds between your right and left ears, or turn on the timer so you can fall asleep to soothing sounds. As you listen, enjoy popping small moving bubbles for a relaxing, distracting exercise.

Track Your Progress

The app tracks your usage, so you can see which sounds work the best for you. Show the results to your Beltone hearing care professional during your next appointment to discuss your progress and plan your future treatment options.
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Available for Your Apple iOS Device

Download Tinnitus Calmer for free on compatible Apple iOS devices. Click the link below to find the app on the App Store.

The Tinnitus Calmer app is not available for download from the Google Play store at this time. We are working toward a solution and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Amazing Starts Today

Schedule an appointment with a Beltone hearing care professional to explore your options and discover the hearing aid that's a perfect fit for you.

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Find Answers and Support

Beltone is here to help you during your entire journey to better hearing, from your first hearing care assessment to your ongoing hearing aid maintenance and adjustments.

Click the link below to get answers and support about the complete lineup of Beltone hearing aids.