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Is it Safe to Fly with Hearing Aids?

Before you know it, the leaves will be falling from the trees (depending on where you live), the days will be getting shorter and travelling to see family and friends for the holidays will be here.

Posted 10-06-2016 by Amy Duvall

If you’re a seasoned traveler who happens to wear hearing aids, or if you just received your first pair of hearing aids, knowing the ins and outs of air travel with hearing aids could save you from additional stress or worry.

As you arrive at the airport, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Before going through the TSA security checkpoints, mention to the security officer that you’re wearing hearing aids. You are not obligated to take them out, but if you happen to set off a walk-through metal detector or an out-of-character image shows up in the imaging screen, you may have to go through a manual inspection of your belongings.
  2. If you’re not wearing your hearing aids while you go through security (you really should though - you don’t want to miss hearing any important announcements!), but they happen to be in your carry-on luggage, a security officer may want to manually inspect your luggage.
  3. Don’t put your hearing aids in checked-baggage. You don’t want to arrive to your destination without your hearing aids due to a greedy airport employee.
Once you’re through security and have found your departing gate, you may still have one lingering question.

Is there anything I need to be aware of once I’m up in the air?

The short answer: No. You are not required by the FAA to turn your hearing aids off (like you would have to with your laptop computer, for instance) during take-off and landing. Once you’re in the air, it should be smooth sailing! However, if your ears start to pop or get plugged up, do what you normally would do in that situation: chew gum, yawn, drink water, etc.

Safe travels!

If you have any other questions as it pertains to flying with your hearing aids, give your local Beltone office a call. They would be more than happy to answer your questions. Click here to find your nearest Beltone location, or call 1-800-Beltone.