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Making Your Hearing Aids a Part of Your Daily Routine

It’s a major accomplishment to acknowledge and receive the gift of better hearing with hearing aids. But, if you’re a new wearer of hearing aids, there often times comes a period of adjustment and getting yourself familiar with your new hearing aids and eventually learning how to incorporate your hearing aids into your daily routine.

Posted 02-16-2017 by Amy Duvall

Here are a few tips on how to make hearing aids a part of your routine:

Put your hearing aids in at the same time every day
Help establish a habit of wearing your hearing aids. By putting them in at the same time every day, it will become natural for you to wear them. For example, if you keep your hearing aids on your night stand, right after you put your glasses on, go ahead and put your hearing aids in!

Wear your hearing aids in quieter environments
At the very beginning, before you’ve mastered your hearing aids, it’s a good idea to start wearing your hearing aids in an environment where you won’t be overwhelmed by many new, louder sounds. Starting off by wearing your hearing aids in your house or car will help you not feel so disoriented by the influx of noises you’re not quite used to hearing yet.

Increase the time you wear your hearing aids, over time
If you’re not used to having an object sit in or on your ear 24/7, it might just make you feel a little crazy! To help overcome this feeling, gradually increase the amount of time you’re wearing your hearing aids. For example, during your first week, wear them a couple hours every day until you can get to the point where you’re comfortable wearing them all day. Be patient!

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