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You just got a new hearing aid...Now what?

Although hearing aids aren't able to restore your hearing, these devices make the most of your existing hearing ability. The technology of hearing aids has progressed in such a manner that they can almost fully compensate for any lack of hearing.

Now what
Posted 08-24-2018 by Nick Eugenis

If you recently got a hearing aid, you know how much they can help with your day to day activities and give you back your independence.  They will become an invaluable resource in your life, which is why you need to follow some important steps after you receive your new hearing aids,

Read the manual carefully before operating your hearing aid
Getting used to a hearing aid and operating it for the first time can be daunting, but don’t be intimidated. Read the instructions carefully and don’t hesitate to ask your audiologist any questions you may have. Using it properly is key to prolonging the life of the device and getting the best service from it.

Keep it clean
Your ears can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and cause ear infections if you don’t keep the device clean. Our hearing aids have a special coating on them that can wick away moisture and dirt, but you still want to make sure you do your best to eliminate any excess dirt.

Store your hearing aid properly
When at home, store your hearing aid in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing it to heat and humidity. Don't use your hearing aid in the shower or bath, or when you blow-dry and style your hair.

Turn your hearing aid completely off when not in use.
You should always switch your hearing aid off when it’s not in use. When you are not using it for a prolonged period, it’s best to remove the battery completely. This will make it last longer and prevent any damage.

Have wax build-up in your ear professionally removed
Keeping your hearing aid free from earwax is important to keep it working optimally. Over time, the build-up of can cause the sound to become distorted. Unfortunately some ears are more prone to wax build-up than others, and cleaning your ears with earbuds can actually push the wax further down the ear canal, which only makes the situation worse.  If you suffer from wax build-up, have your ears professionally cleaned by your doctor or audiologist.

Always be careful when inserting your hearing aid
When you first receive your hearing aid, a Beltone representative will shoe you how to properly insert the hearing aid in your ear.  It is very important that you remember this and do it consistently to ensure you are safely putting it in and out of your ears.

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