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Face-to-face care from the comfort of your home

With Beltone Remote Care Live’s new video chat feature, you can receive live fine-tuning from afar and still keep a great relationship with your HCP. Now you can travel often, commute less, and receive extra care face-to-face.

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The All-New Beltone Remote Care Live!
This new technology enables an easy face-to-face interaction with your hearing care professional - all within the Beltone HearMax app. With Beltone Remote Care Live, you’ll receive personalized care and feel confident knowing your hearing aid can always be fine-tuned to fit you - no matter where you are.
Beltone Remote Care Live Videos
Introduction to Beltone Remote Care Live
How to receive a Beltone Remote Care Live call 
How to download the HearMax app
How to pair your Beltone hearing aids with the HearMax app (iOS devices)
How does Beltone Remote Care Live Work?
Your HCP initiates a video call from their office at the time you agreed upon. 
You simply accept the call. 
Your HCP makes real-time fine-tuning adjustments to your hearing aids according to your needs.
Your hearing instruments are fine-tuned from any location. 
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Through the Beltone HearMax app you can also send a request to your hearing care professional and receive the new settings back to be downloaded.

No need for an office visit - your new settings are just a tap away with Beltone Remote Care.

How does Remote Care work?

With the extra level of personal service, Beltone Remote Care makes your journey towards better hearing smoother and easier - every step of the way.

Watch the video and see how Beltone Remote Care works.

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