Hear Better with Beltone Batteries

Mercury-free Beltone batteries

Beltone hearing aid batteries offer quality, reliability and longer life over most other brands—and they're mercury-free! Use only fresh Beltone zinc-air batteries and you'll always get maximum performance from your hearing aids. Plus, Beltone batteries are available in any size you may need.
Beltone hearing aid batteries come in convenient 4-packs, 6-packs and 8-packs. Buy your batteries from someone who knows what's best for your hearing aids—your local Beltone Hearing Care Practitioner. It's your best source for the freshest Beltone batteries!

No hearing aid battery offers longer life

Beltone batteries are tested after manufacturing and tested again prior to packaging. This ensures your batteries are consistently fresh and properly sized for your Beltone hearing aids.

Also, Beltone batteries are made using precision standards that help prevent small variations in size and shape that can bend battery contacts and cause hearing aid intermittence.

Remember, for superior performance, use only Beltone brand batteries in your Beltone hearing aids.

Review these important tips:

  • Carry extra batteries with you to avoid dead batteries at critical moments.
  • Keep the tab in place on your zinc-air batteries until ready for use. Attempts to “reseal” the tab will not extend the battery's life.
  • Give batteries time to activate. Wait 60 seconds after tab removal before placing in your hearing aids.
  • Never carry loose batteries in pockets or hand bags where they may touch other metal objects.
  • Keep batteries and hearing aids out of reach of infants and children. If a battery is accidentally ingested, see a doctor immediately. For recommended treatment, call the National Button Battery Hotline at (202) 625-3333.

Get the longest life from your Beltone batteries:

  • Store batteries at room temperature (65°F-80°F). Hearing aid batteries will retain up to 97% of their power for a full year when stored at room temperature.
  • Avoid storing in hot or humid places. Do not refrigerate, as refrigeration may loosen the tab, causing activation and loss of power.
  • Open the battery compartment door of your hearing instruments every night. This prevents moisture buildup.
  • Battery life is determined by hearing aid size, battery size, hours of use per day, amplification strength and amount of wireless streaming.