rechargeable hearing aids
rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are available across most of Beltone's hearing aid families, including Beltone Achieve™. Hearing aids that are not rechargeable most commonly use zinc-air disposable batteries. Click here to learn more about those.

Read ahead to learn more about the many benefits of choosing a rechargeable hearing aid.

Are Rechargeable Hearing Aids Better Than Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries?

Whether rechargeable hearing aids are "better" than using zinc-air disposable batteries for your hearing aids may just come down to your own preferences. However, there are clear advantages to going with rechargeable hearing aids. Consider the following:

  • Convenience. Although relatively easy to do, changing out your hearing aid batteries every few days may feel like a nuisance. In addition, purchasing your supply of hearing aid batteries is one more thing to remember when you're at the store or shopping online.
  • Ease of recharging. If you have limited vision or dexterity, simply placing your hearing aids on a charger may come as a welcome relief from the task of swapping out disposable hearing aid batteries.
  • Long-lasting power. The same type of lithium-ion batteries that power smartphones and laptops are now powering Beltone's hearing aids. That means you'll have enough battery power to go wherever the day may take you.

How Long Do Rechargeable Hearing Aids Last?

With high energy density and a compact size, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can deliver enough power for a full day of continuous use for some hearing aid users.¹ That means your hearing aids will be ready to take on the entire day with you.

¹With Beltone Achieve, all-day battery on 1 charge is based on average use time of 12 hours when streaming 100% of the time across all styles. Battery life can vary by use.

How to Recharge Your Hearing Aids 

When you choose rechargeable hearing aids, recharging your devices is simple. Simply place your hearing aids into the charger each night, and they will be ready to go the next morning. Some models also have a quick-charge function, giving you up to eight hours of use with only 30 minutes of charging.

Watch the videos below for a demonstration of how to recharge some of Beltone's most popular hearing aid models. Click here to visit the hearing aid support page to locate your hearing aid model and user guide for more detailed information and instructions. (Note: IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE REGARDING CHARGING PRACTICES).

Placing RIE Hearing Aids in the Desktop Charger

Placing RIE Hearing Aids in the Standard Charger

Placing RIE Hearing Aids in the Premium Charger

How to Recharge Your Beltone Achieve Hearing Aids

How to Insert Beltone Imagine Hearing Aids in Charger

How to Charge Beltone Imagine Custom Hearing Aids

How to Insert and Remove Cable From Beltone Imagine Desktop Charger

Buy Hearing Aid Batteries Online

Not ready to make the upgrade to rechargeable? You can buy hearing aid batteries online directly from Beltone’s online shop. Beltone hearing aid batteries come in convenient 4-packs, 6-packs and 8-packs. Click here to learn more.

Buy Rechargeable Hearing Aids From a Hearing Aid Center

You can purchase rechargeable hearing aids from a local Beltone Hearing Care Center in your area. Click here to find a Beltone office near you.

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