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PerfectDry Lux
The PerfectDry LUX is designed for the maintenance and storage of all types of hearing aids. This device combines a forced-air system to dry hearing aids, while also removing all humidity and condensation, in only 30 minutes. The 360° UV-C rays eliminate 99% of bacteria. The PerfectDry LUX is convenient and easy to use.
Cleaning Set

Beltone's Cleaning Set includes a variety of the cleaning supplies in a convenient travel bag.


  • 10 Cleaning Wipes
  • Cleaning Spray (with brush)
  • Drying Cup
  • Drying Capsule
  • Travel Bag
Cleaning Wipes
Our Cleaning Wipes are designed to dissolve earwax while offering the convenience of an individually packaged, anti-microbial wipe. The Cleaning Wipes contain a surface-active agent which is effective in removing earwax, without causing damage to hearing devices.
Cleaning Spray
Our Cleaning Spray is specifically designed to dissolve earwax and provide complete and effective cleaning of hearing aids. This spray is recommended for cleaning the surfaces of the earmold and custom instruments.
Dry Kit
Our Drying Kit consists of a drying cup and drying capsule. The drying capsule contains silica gel, which is effective in absorbing moisture from hearing aids. This Drying Kit provides an inexpensive option to remove moisture from hearing aids. Replacement drying capsules are also available.
Beltone hearing aid cleaning kit: