HCP giving hearing exam to senior man
HCP giving hearing exam to senior man

Hearing Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a hearing assessment and a hearing test?

At Beltone, we use the term "hearing assessment" to refer to the service we provide that measures your degree of hearing loss. That’s because using the specific term "test" can have cost and service implications for Medicare and insurance providers, and we don’t want to risk any negative impact on our patients by using potentially problematic language.

There are many companies who use the term "free online hearing test" despite the inaccuracy of that term in reference to the online assessment experiences in question. 

The hearing assessments provided by Beltone are free—both the online hearing assessment and the in-person hearing assessment conducted by a Beltone hearing care professional. If you are found to have a treatable level of hearing loss following your free in-person appointment, you may choose to pursue treatment and purchase hearing aids.


What should I expect during a hearing assessment?

During your hearing assessment, a Beltone hearing care professional will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle, as well as administer multiple hearing tests and produce an audiogram.

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Are online hearing assessments accurate?

Beltone’s online hearing assessment is a useful first step in learning the condition of your hearing, but it’s no substitute for a real hearing consultation with a hearing care professional.

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Where can I get a hearing assessment?

You can book your free, comprehensive hearing assessment with Beltone by going here and finding a location near you.


How often should I get my hearing checked?

Just as you schedule annual physicals and dental exams, it's important to have your hearing assessed regularly by a hearing care professional


How much does a hearing assessment cost?

Beltone’s hearing care assessments are free of charge—they’re just one part of the Beltone experience


Do hearing assessments hurt?

No. The assessments administered during Beltone’s free assessments are pain-free and non-invasive experiences.

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Online Hearing Test

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