female consulting senior couple
female consulting senior couple

Insurance Coverage Beltone Partners With Wellcare

See what coverage, discounts and benefits you can expect.

Contact your local Beltone office to see if they accept your Wellcare insurance.

Beltone Streamlines Hearing Aid Insurance

Understanding your hearing aid insurance benefits can be confusing. Beltone makes it easy for you. Contact your local Beltone office to see if they accept Wellcare insurance. They can help you understand the benefits available to you and how to get the most from them.
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Wellcare hearing aid benefits may include:

  • Insurance coverage benefits are dependent on the individual’s plan
  • Wellcare is a fairly new benefit, beginning in 2021, with many different potential layers of coverage, depending on your plan
  • Your income may affect the coverage you’re entitled to
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Warranty and Loss-Stolen-Damaged Coverage

All hearing aids purchased from Beltone are covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty for one year. You’ll also receive 12 months of lost-stolen-damaged protection, which covers you in some unexpected situations, like leaving your hearing aid somewhere or accidentally damaging it.*

Contact your local Beltone to learn about different coverage options and ways to extend them through Belcare.

*Deductible required. Extended coverage plans available.

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Battery Program

Without quality battery power, your hearing aids would not perform their best. Beltone offers a wide variety of ways to ensure that your hearing aids are powered and you have a great hearing experience. The Beltone team is happy to help you understand what battery benefits your insurance and technology entitle you to!

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couple walking on the beach

What Sets Us Apart

At Beltone, you get more than just hearing aids—you get a hearing partner that’s with you every step of the way. Our hearing care professionals take the time to get to know you to ensure we create personalized care tailored to you, every time. We’re here for you whenever and wherever you need help.