Frequently asked questions about hearing aids and hearing loss

Helping a loved one

What causes hearing loss in children?
What if my child swallows a hearing aid battery?
What if my dog swallows a hearing aid battery?
How to help someone with hearing loss?

Daily use

How long do hearing aids last?
How to clean hearing aids?
How to care for hearing aids?
What to do if hearing aids get wet?
Can you wear hearing aids in the shower?

Hearing aid batteries

How to store hearing aid batteries?
What to do I do if you swallow a hearing aid battery?
What are the various sizes of hearing aid batteries?
How does a hearing aid battery deliver its best performance?
How long do hearing aid batteries work?
How to dispose hearing aid batteries?
How to buy hearing aid batteries?
How much do hearing aid batteries cost?


What causes tinnitus?
What is tinnitus?
Is there a cure for tinnitus?
Is tinnitus permanent?
What causes ringing in the ears?
What is sound therapy?
How many have tinnitus?
Does tinnitus cause hearing loss?

About hearing loss

How common is hearing loss?
Are there different types of hearing loss?
What do I do if I suspect hearing loss?
What causes hearing loss?
What is sensorineural hearing loss?
What is meningitis hearing loss?
What is conductive hearing loss?
Can medications cause hearing loss?
How to protect your hearing?
Can noise hurt my ears?

Hearing tests

What to expect at a hearing test?
Are online hearing tests accurate?
Where can I get a hearing test?
How often should I get a hearing test?

About hearing aids

How much does a hearing test cost?
Do hearing tests hurt?
How do hearing aids work?
How to adjust to wearing aids?
Won’t wearing hearing aids make me stand out
Which hearing aid is right for me?
How much do hearing aids cost?
Should I wear one or two hearing aids?
Should I wear one or two hearing aids?
Do hearing aids reduce background noise?
Should I buy hearing aids online?
What are the different types and styles of hearing aids?
How will I know which hearing aid model is right for me?

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