We're here for you every step of the way towards better hearing

If hearing loss is making it more and more difficult for you to communicate with family and friends and it’s starting to affect your relationships and confidence, it’s time to make an appointment to visit your local Beltone Hearing Center, so we can help improve your hearing and your quality of life.

A safe & sound hearing experience

To ensure you feel comfortable visiting us in person, we just want you to know that our offices are open and ready to help you. Rest assured we are following CDC precautions and PPE procedures and we’re cleaning and disinfecting our offices with Clorox® products* to help keep you and your loved ones Safe & Sound.

*Clorox product availability may vary by location.

Hearing care wherever and whenever you need

It's the Beltone promise to be right beside you every step of the way on your journey to better hearing. We know these are unique times, so we want to ensure we have all the right tools in place to be there for you. 

Want to visit in person?
We’re open, safe and ready! We’re following the necessary CDC and Medical association (AAA) guidelines while also cleaning and disinfecting our offices with Clorox products.

Need a hearing consultation or care from home?
Try our telehealth services! Receive a hearing consultation and get remote hearing care and fine-tunings of your hearing aids - all from the comfort of your couch.

The Beltone Experience: Step by step

We're hearing care partners ready to personalize each hearing journey to fit you and your lifestyle.

1: Receive a FREE hearing consultation and screening

Doctors recommend people over age 60 get their hearing screened annually. Screenings are a painless procedure that includes several tests to measure how well you hear a variety of sounds, such as tones and speech. Your Beltone hearing care professional will guide you through the steps of the hearing consultation – either in office, as a curbside screening, or from the comfort of your own home via telehealth services. Schedule your appointment today!

2: Review your health history and lifestyle needs

Ready to start hearing better? the first step begins with understanding your health history and lifestyle needs. Are you outdoorsy? Do you frequent restaurants and public place? Do you enjoy television., music, movies and lectures? Do you work every day? All of these things are more play into the kind of hearing aids that are right for you. Visit or call us to get started today. 

3: Understanding your audiogram results and try a hearing aid

If you've taken a hearing exam and hearing aids are recommended, we'll show you the many styles of Beltone hearing aids that may be right for you. You can try on actual hearing aids to determine the best fit. Schedule your test today!

4: Get started today!

Today is a great day to start your journey to better hearing. Book your appointment now. We look forward to meeting you.