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Beltone HPF80 NanoBlock™ Technology

While regular hearing aid maintenance is always recommended, hearing instruments that have been coated with HPF80 NanoBlock contain a layer of preventative maintenance. This helps protect your hearing instruments from moisture and particulates that can otherwise enter the delicate circuitry and cause damage.
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Now there are hearing instruments that help protect themselves

Utilizing the latest in nano engineered protection, Beltone hearing instruments are treated with our HPF80 NanoBlock™ protective coating. This is the same technology that Nike® and Adidas® use to protect their athletic gear and many major electronics firms use to protect their mobile phones and MP3 players from the harmful effects of the everyday environment.

Beltone's HPF80 NanoBlock coating safeguards the entire hearing instrument from dirt, moisture, changes in temperature and humidity, earwax and skin oils. Elements that can, over time, damage your hearing instruments' circuitry and delicate components. This, in turn, helps reduce both the need for and the additional cost of professional cleaning and repairs, giving you more time to hear and enjoy the world around you.
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