The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation

What is the Hearing Care Foundation?

The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation,
a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donates
hearing instruments to
those in need of hearing help who may otherwise be unable to access it. 

Both individuals and organizations are eligible to receive assistance from the Foundation
through direct nominations by Beltone staff or network members.

“Beltone has always had the mission of helping the world hear better through our products and professional hearing care services,” said Beltone President Corrine Perritano.

“This Foundation gives our members a 
new path to achieve this mission by helping deserving individuals enrich their quality of life.”


How do you apply for the Foundation?

1. Visit your local Beltone office and discuss the Foundation with your Hearing Care Practitioner.

2. If it has been determined that you would like to move forward with the application process, then read the program guidelines and application form in their entirety.

3. Complete the application form with your Hearing Care Practitioner.