rechargeable hearing aids
rechargeable hearing aids

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With the variety of hearing aids and accessories available today, finding the style and fit that are right for you has never been easier. Explore your options and discover how the right hearing aids and accessories can improve your life.

woman and child sitting outside
woman and child sitting outside

Beltone Hearing Aids

Browse Beltone's award-winning lineup of hearing aids and discover the hearing solution that's right for you.

jabra enhance plus hearing aid ear buds

Jabra Enhance™ Plus

Jabra Enhance Plus earbud hearing aids are available for $799 a pair and are rechargeable, weatherproof and perfect for streaming calls and audio.

Visit your local Beltone office to learn more and see if they’re right for you.

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Let's Find the Hearing Aid That's Right for You

Get started with a lifestyle assessment or connect and chat with a trusted Beltone hearing care professional.
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Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in multiple styles, including custom, receiver-in-ear and behind-the-ear. Finding the one that is right for you depends on your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your preferences.
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Accessories Enhance Your Hearing Experience

Discover all the ways you can improve your hearing experience with Beltone wireless accessories.

Man in blue sweater on phone
Man in blue sweater on phone

Mobile Apps Better Hearing At Your Fingertips

Stay in control of your hearing aids and much more with Beltone’s smartphone apps.

woman wearing hearing aids outside
woman wearing hearing aids outside

Here for You Anytime, Anywhere.

Beltone is more than just a hearing aid store. At our local hearing aid centers nationwide, we offer a variety of services and resources to help you understand hearing loss and provide the answers you need. Beltone is your hearing care partner every step of the way.