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Trusted Hearing Aid Partner for Over 76 Years

Hearing loss? We Are Your Premier Hearing Aid Partner

At Beltone, our goal is simple: to bring you hearing so natural, listening is a pleasure again—wherever you go. We engineer comfort and ease into every style of hearing aid we make.

Why Beltone

Since 1940, Beltone has been your premier hearing care partner. We are devoted to bringing you the latest in hearing aid technology to help enhance your active lifestyle. We care about your hearing health and want to provide you with a lifetime of support and happiness.

At Beltone, we take an approach to hearing care that no other company can match. It's based on connecting with you as a person—and understanding what you enjoy in life and what's important in a healthcare partner. Every hearing care solution we offer is tailored to a patient's individual needs.

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Beltone Hearing Evaluation

Choose your digital hearing aid

We are here to help you find the best hearing aid for your lifestyle. We have a variety of hearing aid styles and types to fit your needs and budget. Our team of professional hearing aid experts will help you find the right style for your needs.

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Beltone Legend™—taking personalized hearing to the next level

Our products

We are continuously developing the newest hearing aid technology and with the release of our latest product - Beltone Legend - we have taken personalized hearing to the next level.

Why Beltone Legend?

  • Restores more natural hearing
  • Product line includes custom in-the-ear models and discrete behind the ear models
  • Works with your iPhone
  • Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop
  • Ear to Ear Synchronization
  • So much more!

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Your hearing health

Your hearing health is our top priority, so we want to do everything we can to help preserve your good hearing.

We're here to answer all your hearing related questions and help find the best hearing solution for you.

From helping calm your tinnitus with our Tinnitus Calmer app to understanding the 10 early warning signs of hearing loss, we want to be your lifetime healthy hearing partner.

Discover what improved hearing can do to enhance your life!

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