2 people talking  to ear
2 people talking  to ear

10 Signs Your Loved One Has Hearing Loss

Unsure whether your loved one is having difficulty with their hearing? Read ahead for some of the most common hearing loss signs.

Many of those who suffer from hearing loss find it difficult to acknowledge their symptoms. Sometimes they struggle to admit their hearing loss to themselves— let alone others!
Beltone wants to be the hearing care partner you can depend on as you support someone with hearing loss. Here are 10 signs that your loved one is experiencing one of the three main types of hearing loss.

  1. They say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at the wrong time.
  2. Watch for this when asking your loved one a rhetorical question — don’t just assume they misunderstood you.

  3. They seem less active in noisy places than they once did.
  4. Hearing loss makes higher-pitched sounds and voices more difficult to hear. If your loved one acts aloof or distant when visiting familiar restaurants and bars, this could be a sign they can’t clearly hear what’s being said around them. As a result, they may wish to avoid such situations entirely.

  5. They switch direction when leaning in for conversation.
  6. This could be a sign that only one ear is affected, which is causing your loved one to lean in with their "good” ear.

  7. They laugh at the wrong moment.
  8. This may seem like a silly suggestion, but it can be a good indication of a real hearing issue. Unexpected or seemingly inappropriate laughter can result from your loved one misunderstanding words, or it may be an attempt to mask their hearing loss.

  9. They demonstrate uncertain balance.
  10. If your loved one appears to be losing their balance frequently – which may involve stumbling or unsteadiness when they walk – it could be a sign of hearing trouble.

  11. They turn up the volume on TV or music more loudly than they once did.
  12. This is one of the most obvious signs of hearing loss, and typically one of the first signs you’ll notice.

  13. They disconnect while socializing or during family get-togethers.
  14. One of the more difficult experiences related to hearing loss is watching your family and friends talk and laugh together, while not understanding the words they’re saying. Pay attention if a previously social or genial person gradually becomes quiet and withdrawn.

  15. They blame outside noise or other people when they misunderstand words in a conversation.
  16. Sometimes a person with hearing loss will seek to deflect blame to the environment or another person’s voice rather than admit they’re having trouble hearing.

  17. If your loved one is younger, pay attention to their performance at school or any reprimands they receive.
  18. While hearing loss is most frequently associated with old age, many children and younger people experience it as well. Typically, the hearing loss will manifest as poor behavior or academic performance at school.

  19. They say ‘what’ a lot.
  20. Far and away the most common ‘red flag’ of hearing loss is your loved one saying ‘what?’ repeatedly. If you are constantly needing to repeat yourself, you should approach them about the possibility of hearing loss.
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