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How to Approach Someone About Hearing Loss

Bringing up the topic of hearing loss may feel intimidating, but don’t worry, Beltone is here to help. Read ahead for some tips about how to talk with your loved one about their hearing loss.

Do you suspect that your spouse, family member or close friend has hearing loss? If so, you’ve probably experienced one or more of the following scenarios:
  • Your loved one is watching television and the volume seems far too loud, so you pick up the remote control and turn it down— only to be told that the volume is actually too low. 
  • You’re telling a story at the dinner table and your loved one continually asks you to repeat yourself.
  • Your loved one complains of not being able to hear at church, the theater, the movies, or their workplace.
When events such as these become commonplace, it may be time to approach your family member about their hearing loss and the hearing care solutions available to them.

1. Approach your loved one with compassion

Some people will feel sensitive when talking about their hearing loss, so it’s important to approach your loved one with compassion. Hearing loss is sometimes stigmatized as a sign of old age – even though that’s only one of several different causes – so your loved one may be reluctant to admit to the experiences they’re having.

2. Clearly describe your loved one’s hearing loss to them

If your loved one is denying they have hearing loss, it may be helpful to remind them of recent conversations or settings in which they struggled to hear. If they remain doubtful that they’re experiencing hearing loss, suggest they take Beltone’s simple step-by-step online hearing screening.

3. Explain to your loved one how their hearing loss has affected you

Speak honestly about the way your loved one’s hearing loss is impacting you personally. Reframing the issue in this way helps to put the emphasis on your relationship, rather than a debate about hearing loss facts.
You can also invite other friends or family members of your loved one to share their perspective as well.

4. Explain that help for hearing loss is available and more effective than ever before

Your loved one may know or suspect they have hearing loss but feel reluctant to seek out a solution due to a perception of the inconvenience or expense involved. Assure your loved one that affordable hearing care (with financing options available) are most likely available in their local community and hearing aids are more comfortable and effective than ever before.

5. Offer to accompany them to their hearing appointment

When your loved one is ready, offer to accompany them to a free consultation with a hearing care professional. The appointment can be booked online or you can call us at 1-800-BELTONE to speak with a representative.
Looking beyond that initial consultation, you can assure your loved one that Beltone will remain available as they adjust to their new equipment and enjoy ongoing protection and support for the life of the hearing aids.
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