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man and woman talking

10 Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

October is Protect Your Hearing Month, and part of protecting our hearing is being aware of the early signs of hearing loss.

Our ability to hear plays an essential role in how we interact with the world, communicate with others, and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Yet, many of us unknowingly suffer from hearing loss and overlook the subtle signs. In honor of this month, we've compiled a list of 10 warning signs of hearing loss. If any of these sound familiar to you, it might be time to schedule a free hearing assessment with your local Beltone.

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1. People seem to mumble more frequently.

If you've found that it often sounds like others are not speaking clearly or are mumbling, it might not be them—it could be an indication of hearing loss.

2. You experience ringing in your ears.

A persistent ringing, buzzing, or hissing sound in the ears, known as tinnitus, can be an indicator of hearing damage or loss.

3. You often ask people to repeat themselves.

Constantly asking others to say things again could signify that you're not catching every word or sound.

4. Your family complains that you play the radio or TV too loudly.

If others in your household are reaching for the remote to turn down the volume when you're in control, it could be a sign.

5. You no longer hear normal household sounds.

Sounds like the ticking of a clock, a dripping faucet, or a doorbell ringing might become inaudible if you're experiencing hearing loss.

6. You have difficulty understanding conversations when in a large group or crowd.

Loud environments can make it challenging for anyone to hear, but it's especially difficult for those with hearing loss.

7. You hear but have trouble understanding all the words in a conversation.

This could mean that you're missing certain frequencies or sounds, making comprehension hard.

8. You find telephone conversations increasingly difficult.

If you're always turning up the volume on your phone or struggling to understand what's being said, it might be time to check your hearing.

9. You have trouble hearing when your back is turned to the speaker.

Reliance on lip-reading or facial cues, even subconsciously, might mean you're compensating for a hearing deficit.

10. You have been told you speak too loudly.

Speaking loudly can be an unconscious way of compensating for not hearing your voice as clearly as you used to.

While these signs might seem minor or easy to brush off, they can be indicative of a larger issue. It's essential to pay attention to these signals and act promptly. Remember, early detection and intervention can lead to better outcomes. This October, prioritize your auditory health. Schedule a free hearing assessment with your local Beltone and take the first step toward better hearing.

Disclaimer: This post and infographic are for informational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

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