youth soccer coach celebrating while wearing hearing aids
youth soccer coach celebrating while wearing hearing aids

Announcing the Next Generation of Hearing Aids: Beltone Serene™

We’re excited to announce the latest innovation in hearing care: the Beltone Serene™ hearing aid. This new device comes in two non-rechargeable receiver-in-ear (RIE) styles and a brand new microRIE, which is Beltone’s tiniest rechargeable hearing aid yet. The Beltone Serene hearing aid offers a range of advanced benefits to individuals with mild-to-profound hearing loss.

Beltone Serene hearing aids are designed to help you hear in even the noisiest of situations, allowing you to focus on what people are saying and hear with confidence in any setting. These weatherproof and sweatproof hearing aids are designed for everyday life and seamlessly connect to your favorite devices. With the new TapControl feature that allows for easy hands-free phone and video calls, you can simply double-tap on your ear to take calls and stay connected on the go.

Beltone Serene hearing aids also support Bluetooth© LE Audio, including Auracast™ broadcast audio, the future of low-energy connectivity. Once Auracast begins to roll out, this feature will enable you to stream sound in public settings directly to your hearing aids, such as at airports, stadiums, church, and restaurants.

In addition, we are also releasing the new TV-Streamer+, which allows you to stream audio directly from your TV to your Beltone Serene hearing aids. The TV-Streamer+ supports Auracast broadcast audio and is easy to set up and use, providing a smooth and enjoyable listening experience for you without interrupting or changing the TV volume for others.

Beltone Serene hearing aids are also perfect if you have single-sided deafness, as it’s available with a new wireless CROS transmitter that routes sound from your deaf ear to your hearing ear to ensure greater audibility all around, so you never miss a moment.

Beltone Serene hearing aids are available in eight diverse color options and can be controlled and adjusted through Beltone’s HearMax app. But the features and benefits don’t stop there…

5 Ways Beltone Serene Helps You Experience More of Life

According to Dr. Jenn Schumacher, an audiologist with GN, Beltone’s parent company, today’s hearing aids can mitigate the negative social impact of hearing loss and help you connect with loved ones and the world around you.

Below, she explains the top five ways hearing aid technology can improve socialization and combat feelings of loneliness and isolation:

1. Improved Communication
Hearing aids amplify sound and enhance the ability to hear and understand speech, which helps wearers participate in conversations. Being able to hear speech more clearly, especially in a noisy environment such as a restaurant or birthday party, allows you to connect directly with friends, family, or colleagues.

2. Emotional Well-being
Hearing loss can increase feelings of loneliness, frustration, anxiety, and isolation. However, hearing aids can have a positive impact on the emotional well-being of individuals with hearing loss. Hearing aids improve overall communication abilities, which helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and frustration that may arise from struggling to understand, follow or participate in conversations, promoting increased self-esteem. Improved communication leads to more meaningful connections and increased social engagement, which are important factors in maintaining emotional well-being and preventing feelings of isolation that may arise from hearing loss.

3. Access to Information
Innovations in hearing aid technology enable users to have increased access to important information, such as announcements, notifications, and public broadcasts, by streaming them directly to their hearing aids. Today’s hearing aid technology includes features such as Bluetooth and Auracast. Both enhance the ability to connect and participate, particularly in public places, by enabling hearing aid wearers to wirelessly connect or directly stream audio from a variety of devices.

4. Enhanced Relationships
Being able to communicate more clearly helps to foster better relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. Improved interactions can lead to more meaningful relationships and connections, which helps to create a better sense of belonging and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

5. Increased Confidence
Wearing hearing aids and being more immersed in your surroundings can boost self-confidence, as individuals can actively engage in conversations more naturally and feel less alienated. Having increased confidence as a result of wearing hearing aids will encourage the wearer to participate more in social interactions rather than isolating themselves due to anxiety or frustration.

Beltone Serene hearing aids and the new TV-Streamer+ will be available at Beltone locations nationwide starting October 12, 2023. To learn more about Beltone Serene hearing aids and how they can help improve your hearing, click here.

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