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Hearing Aid Prices vs Quality: How To Choose

For those shopping around for hearing aids, the options can feel overwhelming—and so can the prices! Read ahead for some tips from the pros at Beltone.

If you’re in the market to purchase new hearing aids, you may feel overwhelmed by the different styles and retailers available. You may find yourself struggling with choices such as:
In addition, you may have experienced momentary “sticker shock” at the price of certain hearing aids, and find yourself wondering: Are top-quality hearing aids worth the extra money?

Remember: bargains may not equal value!

Hearing aids are available from many retailers and range widely in price. This variation in price occurs for several reasons, including:
  • The sophistication of a particular hearing aid technology
  • The ability of a hearing aid to address a specific type of hearing loss and deliver sound the user can hear
  • The ongoing support provided by a hearing aid manufacturer or retailer during subsequent years of ownership
Many hearing aid shoppers, eager for a bargain, have opted for a cheaper model only to find that their decision cost them more over time, either because the hearing aid was ineffective or because they had to shell out additional money for parts and support.
The good news is Beltone is here to help you by providing you with the information you need to make a smart decision about your future hearing care and the solutions we can provide.

What type of hearing aids, if any, do you need?

If you think you have hearing loss, the first step is to take our simple online hearing screening. The results of this short, simple process will help you determine whether you really need to seek out professional help.
If you determine that you are experiencing some type of hearing loss, the next step is simple: set up a free appointment with a Beltone hearing care professional in your area. Many people who think they need hearing aids are dealing with something as simple as excess earwax or a temporary infection. A Beltone expert will conduct a more thorough examination of your hearing and provide you with personalized recommendations about hearing aids styles and technology.

Which hearing aid features do you really need?

In addition to providing detailed answers about your hearing health, a Beltone hearing care professional will help you weight the pros and cons of different hearing aid features and benefits, such as:
At Beltone, we offer a broad range of hearing instruments at a variety of price points. Our hearing aids are powered by our innovative microprocessor technology with an array of features to address every type of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Our specialists are ready to help you explore your options for payment through insurance, and many of our locations offer affordable financing options.

Consider the Beltone difference

Beltone has been helping people hear better since 1940, and the Beltone name is one of the most trusted names in hearing care. In addition to top-rated hearing aids to address the needs of every patient, we offer:
  • Consultations with real hearing care professionals
  • Our Belcare program of ongoing service and support
  • Sophisticated smartphone apps for Bluetooth control of your device, streaming music and calls, management of tinnitus, and more
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