joyful family opening gifts at christmas
joyful family opening gifts at christmas

Holiday Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

Beltone offers so many options for gifts for hearing aid wearers, from batteries to chargers to products that make life more crisp and clear for those with hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Batteries — A Thoughtful Gift to Give

If you have a friend or family member with hearing loss, you probably know that handling and replacing hearing aid batteries is a daily routine. Giving hearing aid batteries to a family member or friend in your life as a gift may seem uninspired, however batteries are a necessary part of everyday life for someone with hearing loss.

Hearing aid batteries must be replaced every 5-7 days, so giving the gift of batteries shows that you’ve really thought about what your friend or family member needs. Hearing aid batteries could also be an add-on to another gift you give. Because hearing aid wearers need a supply of batteries on hand, attaching a package of batteries to another gift is a thoughtful touch.

If you’re not personally someone who wears hearing aids, buying them may seem confusing, or you may not know where to begin. Hearing aid batteries are color-coded by size so that remembering the size is easier — you just remember the color. Simply asking your friend or family member which color battery they wear will let you know what to buy — they might even be impressed that you know the batteries come in different colors!

The best place to purchase hearing aid batteries for your family member or friend is on the Beltone shop site. The site is easy to use and the batteries will be shipped in time to complete your gift.

Holiday Gifts Those with Hearing Loss Will Love

Batteries from Beltone are a great place to begin when buying a holiday gift for the hearing aid wearer in your life — but Beltone offers so many other products that can improve life for someone with hearing loss.

Charge It Up!

Charging our everyday devices can be a pain, but charging hearing aids with a Beltone charger is easy.

Hear Through the Noise

Being able to hear in situations where there is a lot of background noise is always a struggle for someone with a hearing loss. That problem can be solved by the Beltone MyPAL Pro. This device allows the user to place the MyPAL near the source of the sound they would like to focus on, and the sound is streamed directly into the wearer’s hearing aid.

Enjoy Group Conversation

The Beltone MyPAL Pro can also help you hear in even the busiest, noisiest environments, from meetings to family dinners. The MyPAL Pro extends your hearing but also has the option to be used as a table mic.

Take the Phone Call

Talking on the phone with hearing loss can cause a lot of anxiety. The Beltone Phone Link 2 can alleviate that feeling and make answering those holiday calls something to look forward to. The device streams sound from the wearer’s phone directly into the hearing aid. Giving this device as a gift would be appreciated by anyone with hearing loss!

Keep Hearing Aids Tuned

Tuning hearing aids can be tricky, but the Beltone Remote Control 2 makes the process easier. The remote allows the hearing aid wearer to adjust volume, block out surrounding sound, balance the volume of streaming devices and switch between Bluetooth devices.

Savor the Sound

Customizing the volume from a TV, stereo or computer and streaming it directly to a hearing aid is possible with the Beltone TV Streamer+. Your friend or family member will love this useful gift!

Visit the Beltone shop today to shop for the best holiday gifts for your family member or friend with hearing loss or hearing aids!

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