inside the ear digital art
inside the ear digital art

Inside the Ear

Through the art of animation, Beltone and Soundly are demystifying hearing loss and making it easier to understand.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to take a look inside the ear? Hearing care professionals get to do this, of course, but if you are experiencing hearing changes, knowing what’s going on by seeing it for yourself is a big help.

Inside the Ear

People in general are increasingly motivated to understand more about their health, including hearing health. That’s why Beltone and Soundly have partnered to create Inside the Ear. This new series of inspirational digital art illustrates hearing like you have never seen it before—and provides new tools to help you understand your ears.


Demystifying Hearing Loss

Beltone, one of America’s best in hearing care, and Soundly, a consumer education resource for hearing wellness, are united by a shared vision to make hearing care accessible to all and demystify common hearing issues by visually illustrating what happens inside the ear.

“Hearing wellness has never been more important, yet many people have little understanding of how their hearing works. We hope this visual project will give curious minds a new appreciation for the world inside the ear,” says Soundly CEO Blake Cadwell.

The Art of Audiology

Art, like sound, connects us and sparks conversations. The new collection of engaging and educational videos, created in collaboration with the award-winning artist Design Cells, show the complex workings of the ear in simple ways. Each beautiful animation asks a thought-provoking question about hearing and provides compelling visual answers. Capturing the wonders inside the ear and bringing us closer to the experiences shared by millions of people.

Inside the ear, you can explore five fascinating themes.

How Does Sound Travel to the Brain?

The journey from soundwave to the brain.

What Does Noise-Induced Hearing Damage Look Like?

See noise-induced hearing loss in progress.


What Does Hearing Loss Look Like Inside My Ear?

Existing hearing damage inside the cochlea.


How Does Earwax Work?

A sticky topic, but an important one for many of us.


How Do Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Work Together?

The interplay between tinnitus, hearing loss and the brain.


Hearing health is not only essential for experiencing the sounds of life, but also vitally important in promoting overall wellness. Reducing complexity and increasing transparency can help boost the sense of personal control.

At Beltone, our mission extends beyond providing innovative hearing technologies and award-winning services. Through campaigns such as Inside the Ear, we are dedicated to educating and empowering individuals, enabling them to make informed decisions about their hearing health and inspiring proactive steps toward achieving better hearing.

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