the best hearing aids for pickleball being worn by players
the best hearing aids for pickleball being worn by players

New Hears Resolutions

Isn’t It Time to Commit to Better Hearing Health?

Making New Year’s resolutions is a common practice that many of us participate in. After all, it’s a new year, the holiday season is behind us, and there’s just something about the change in calendar year that makes us feel like we have the opportunity to start afresh.

Of course, despite our best efforts, many New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside after several weeks, mostly because we’re probably just asking too much of ourselves. We’re creatures of habit, and small, incremental changes are more likely to stick than massive, sweeping changes are.

That’s why we at Beltone have compiled a list of simple, achievable and effective ways in which you can ensure you’re embracing the possibilities of this new year with your best hearing possible.

Schedule Your Annual Hearing Exam

There’s no better way to track the progress of your hearing health than by getting your hearing examined at least once a year, especially if you’re over the age of fifty.

Age-related hearing loss is simply a fact of life, but there are preventative measures that can be taken to slow the progression of hearing loss.

The more information your provider has about your hearing, the better they’ll be able to make recommendations to you that are informed, are in line with the way that you live your life (and the sounds that matter most to you) and will be effective in helping you hear your best in those crucial situations.

Don’t have a provider yet? Well…

Develop a Relationship With a Trusted Hearing Provider

Having someone by your side who knows you, knows what matters to you and has a deep understanding of your hearing health history will not only better inform the recommendations they make to you but will also increase the likelihood that you’ll actually take their advice.

At Beltone, our hearing professionals across the country take the time to truly get to know everyone in their care. Their goal is to provide you with the best possible testing, service, recommendations and precise hearing aid fittings possible.

The closer you and your provider are, the more they’ll be able to understand how you live your life and, therefore, will be able to offer you even more tailored hearing aid fittings so your hearing technology will truly be programmed to your unique hearing needs.

Consider How Hearing Technology Can Actually Enhance Your Life

For far too long, there’s been a stigma regarding hearing aids and, by association, the people who wear it. We think that this is largely due to the hearing aids of several decades ago — they were bulky, their technology was limited and they didn’t always do the job that we wanted them to.

Today’s hearing aids, however, are unbelievably flexible in their programmability (meaning that an experienced provider can virtually customize your hearing aids to your unique hearing needs) and are unbelievably versatile in their ability to respond to the different listening environments you find yourself in.

For instance, some of today’s hearing aids, through the use of certain smartphone applications, can actually use GPS to recognize your location, and will automatically adjust your hearing aid settings to help you hear better in that space, according to your preferences.

The way you need to hear will be different in a crowded restaurant than it will be in a quiet coffee shop or a trip to your favorite grocery store.

Between smartphone apps, Bluetooth connectivity, and a host of other accessories — not to mention how sleek and comfortable these devices have become — your better hearing days are right in front of you! What are you waiting for?

Stop Waiting to Invest in Yourself

Investing in your hearing health, whether it’s in getting regularly tested or in being fit with hearing technology, is a path forward, and it’s one that leads to a better feeling for you, as well as closer relationships with the people and things that you love.

When hearing loss goes untreated, it can cause us to pull away from loved ones. Conversations become difficult. What is normally a favorite pastime suddenly becomes a chore. Getting your hearing tested and getting it treated means these roadblocks are a thing of the past. So why wait — aren’t you worth it? (Yes, you are!)

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