girl using headsets
girl using headsets

Hear the Sounds of Summer with These Summertime Hearing Aid Tips

No Matter What the Season Is, You Deserve to Hear Your Very Best

Generally speaking, summer is a time filled with all sorts of celebrations — graduation parties, barbecues and other outdoor events designed to bring people together so we can all enjoy the warmest, sunniest time of the year with friends and family.

For those of you who experience hearing loss, it’s especially important to understand what you can do — either at home by yourself or with the aid of a trusted hearing professional — in order to hear your best, feel your best, and have the most fulfilling summer experience possible.

Be Prepared. Pack a Hearing Aid Kit.

Before leaving the house for a summertime activity, be sure to bring something we call a hearing aid kit along with you — a case for your technology if you need to remove them, cleaning tools and devices-appropriate wipes and extra batteries (or a battery charger) in the instance that your aids lose power while you’re spending time with loved ones.

Take Proper Precautions to Protect Your Hearing Tech

Though most of Beltone’s latest devices are water-resistant, that doesn’t mean that the technology is waterproof. If you’re going to enjoy an activity like swimming (or showering afterward), remember to remove your devices. Neglecting to do so can cause permanent damage to your hearing aids.

Similarly, if you’re going to be participating in an activity that generates a great deal of perspiration over a prolonged period of time, consider removing your technology while participating. However, if removing your devices might increase your potential for physical harm, use extreme care with your technology.

Applying sunscreen? Take out your hearing aids before using and make sure that it has been absorbed before putting your devices back in.

Lastly, when you remove your devices at night, be sure to open the battery compartment so that they are able to air out and dry.

Schedule an Appointment to Have Your Hearing Checked and Your Hearing Devices Cleaned

It’s our recommendation that everyone get their hearing tested every year. Just as it was before you sought treatment and started wearing hearing technology, your hearing loss continues to be a gradual process where you lose a range of frequencies over time. Left untreated altogether, your hearing loss can only get worse and worse.

But getting your hearing tested annually, regularly wearing technology and staying active and engaged with friends and loved ones will all prolong your good hearing health and offset the negative effects of hearing loss.

Additionally, by getting your devices professionally cleaned twice a year — checking the domes, cleaning or replacing the tubing and examining the casing for damage — you can be confident that your devices will function properly when you need them most.

Contact your local Beltone to get yourself and your hearing aids ready for summer.

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