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Beltone Legend

Beltone Legend is a premium full hearing aid product line. With the widest range of choices and  advanced technology, there is a Beltone Legend model for every taste and lifestyle. Ask your hearing care professional to help you find your perfect match today!
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Our Complete Line of Beltone Hearing Aids

Introducing Personal Sound ID

You've probably never wondered why you automatically listen to important sounds like ambulances or someone calling your name through other background noise. It's just something people with normal hearing are born with. Your ears and your brain are built to work in harmony.

Hearing loss robs you of that ability, and most hearing aids will just attempt to "guess" that you want to hear certain sounds. The breakthrough Personal Sound ID feature in Beltone Legend mimics the way sound is naturally processed by the ear. It helps you locate sounds, gives you better awareness of your surroundings and a full listening experience.

Adapts to your lifestyle

Beltone Legend includes a wealth of other features that combine with Personal Sound ID to create an easy and comfortable listening experience. Watch the videos below to see how some of them can benefit you in everyday environments.     
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Smart Gain Pro and Sound Cleaner Pro.

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Ear To Ear Synchronization lets you change programs or adjust volume in on one ear, while conveniently applying those changing to your other hearing aid.

Made for iPhone®

Beltone Legend sets the industry standard for keeping you connected to everyone and everything you love. Play music, make phone calls or FaceTime calls or stream any other audio from your iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch®, directly to your hearing aids. You can also change hearing aid settings, like volume and environmental programs. No cords, no cumbersome device you have to wear around your neck, For even more control, download the free Beltone HearPlus app.
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Beltone Legend Features

  • Design and styles
  • Hearing restoration
  • Special Features
  • Speech in Noise
  • Hearing comfort
  • Environmental awareness
  • Personal Wireless Network
  • Other features

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Award-winning technology

Beltone has won many awards, among them the Red Dot award 2014
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Red Dot award 2015
Beltone has won many awards, among them the People's Choice Stevia Award Favorite Product 2016
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Webby Award Honoree 2016
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Big Innovation 2017.
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Edison Awards 2017.