Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone Imagine™

Experience a hearing solution tailored to you and created with close attention to detail.

• A tailored sound experience that uses the uniqueness of your ear to deliver sounds exactly as nature intended.

• Customized support and care that is right beside you every step of the way.

• World-class connectivity features and technology, so you can always stay connected to what’s important.

• All-new design, colors, and features to fit your lifestyle. Designed to suit you perfectly. 

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Beltone Amaze™

Try on our most feature-rich hearing aids, and you’ll say it, too—that’s amazing!
  • Packed with cutting-edge features to give you the best hearing experience in every situation and environment 
  • Provides a richer, clearer sound quality than any other hearing aid on the market 
  • Connects with apps and devices to stream audio, adjust settings, and communicate with a hearing care professional
  • Comes in all hearing aid styles and is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss
Learn more about Beltone Amaze Download the Beltone Amaze brochure
Beltone Amaze hearing aids

Beltone Trust™

Beltone Trust brings you a full-service experience you won't find with other hearing aids. It is available in all hearing aid styles and right for all degrees of hearing loss.

  • Mimics how ears naturally process sounds and offers unmatched “situational awareness”
  • Streams sound from iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, and select Android devices—no adapter needed
  • Connects with apps to let you control sound or connect with your Beltone Hearing Care Practitioner for fine-tuning
  • Comes in all hearing aid styles and is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss
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Beltone Trust hearing aids

Beltone Boost Ultra™ 

Our newest hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss is the industry’s most comprehensive hearing solution.

  • Enhances speech clarity wherever you go, so you stay connected with those who matter most
  • Connect directly to your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, Apple Watch® or the latest Android™ phone to stream calls and music to both ears
  • Connects with apps to put personal control at your fingertips and get adjustments on the fly
  • Comes in Behind-the-Ear style and is suitable for severe-to-profound hearing loss
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Ready to upgrade your hearing aids? 

Visit your local Beltone Center to try our latest technology and hear what everyone is talking about. Learn about how you can save with our special upgrade program when you trade in your old hearing aids. 
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Refine your listening experience with Beltone apps

Beltone HearMax app for hearing aids
Easily and discreetly control your hearing aids from a mobile device! Our most advanced app, Beltone HearMax, is free and pairs with most of our latest hearing aid models.
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Beltone HearPlus app for hearing aids
Beltone HearPlus controls your Beltone Legend, Beltone First, and Beltone Boost hearing aids from your iPhone® or Samsung Galaxy®.

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Stream and personalize sound with Beltone accessories

Life is sweet when you can stream sound from a TV, smartphone, tablet, computer—or even a person—directly to your hearing aids.
Hear phone calls in both ears and stream your favorite TV show right to your hearing aids. You can even adjust volume without affecting what others hear.

Discover all the ways you can enhance your listening experience with Beltone wireless accessories.  

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Beltone hearing aid accessories

Looking for rechargeable batteries or other hearing aid supplies?

Why replace when you can recharge?

With Beltone's integrated lithium-ion battery, it’s a snap to recharge your hearing aid battery in your sleek, portable charger.

Beltone's rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 hours when fully charged—more than a day! Simply place your hearing aids in the charger overnight, and you’re ready to go.
If you forget to charge your hearing aids, no worries. In just 30 minutes, you’re set for another eight hours.
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Keep your hearing aids in top shape.

Browse our line of cleaning solutions designed to keep your hearing instruments like new:

• PerfectDry Lux—hearing aid maintenance and storage solution
• PerfectClean—hearing aid cleaning and dehumidification medical device
• Hearing aid cleaning wipes, cleaning spray, and drying kit
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Want to know more about the ear?

Do you have additional questions about the ear anatomy?  Would you like to know more about hearing loss, or get a free hearing screening to assess your level of hearing loss?  A Beltone hearing care professional can help!

Here when you need us!

Get support with your hearing aids, accessories, and apps.
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Tinnitus relief

Tinnitus: causes, types, and treatment.

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Belcare™ benefits

Learn about the most comprehensive hearing care program around.
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